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Prof. Charles teaches the following courses:

Introduction to Scientific Computing and Computer-Aided Engineering (MeEn 273)

Computer programming for engineers taught in context of solving physical systems using numerical methods. Students will program solutions using the C++ language, spreadsheets, symbolic solvers, etc.

Design of Mechatronic Systems (MeEn 330)

Microcontroller-based mechatronic systems comprised of mechanical, electrical, and software subsystems. Electronics, printed circuit board design, microcontroller programming and interfacing, and mechanical prototyping.

Dynamic System Modeling and Analysis (MeEn 335)

Formulating mathematical models for mechanical, electrical, fluid, and combined systems; numerical solutions of motion equations; first- and second-order systems, frequency response, and transfer functions.

Neuromechanics of Movement (MeEn 552)

This course focuses on the biomechanics and neural control of human movement. We follow the "Human Robotics:Neuromechanics and Motor Control" textbook by Burdet, Franklin, and Milner (MIT Press, 2013) and use homework exercises designed to allow students to try for themselves the concepts presented in the textbook.